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Spartan Security Solutions
Capabilities & Available Services

Spartan Security Solutions is the Residential Security Division of Iron Shield Protection Group. Iron Shield Protection Group has been in operation since 2016 providing the highest caliber security services available for private clientele and are now able to offer these high-level services at a lower price point through this residential division.


Spartan Security Solutions has the benefit of an ownership group with collectively over 4 decades of experience in the security industry. The administrative team to support these services consists of a team of dedicated individuals with a wealth of experience in various fields including military service, security and protection service, events logistics and planning, operations experience and more.


Our priority is our clients and the safety of their teams and residents. The residential division of Iron Shield Protection Group was created to better serve the housing community as the needs are unique. By providing a division dedicated specifically to residential communities, we have been able to focus our training on the specific needs of properties while lowering the overall price point but not lowering the quality of service we provide. Our Spartan team is highly trained at an academy provided by Iron Shield Protection Group to all our team members. This training includes all the required Oregon State Department of Safety and Security training. In addition, we provide training above and beyond the basic requirements by providing our team members with other skills such as basic lifesaving skills, handcuffs, taser and customer service training.

Residential Services include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

Property Patrol

  • Observing, assessing, and addressing any vandalism, unruly or illegal activity on the property, reporting any incidents to the Spartan Security Solutions team lead and the property ownership group.

  • Verifying all facilities are properly secured and addressing issues if unsecured access points are located.

  • Observing and reporting any property issues such as water leaks, broken locks etc. In cases of severe weather, reporting any potentially dangerous spots on the grounds.

  • Identifying and preventing any unlawful entry into trash/recycling areas on the grounds to prevent damage and/or identity theft.

  • Assessing and addressing nuisances such as noise complaints.


  • Visually inspect vehicles to ensure their safety.

  • Verify they belong to the residents of the property.

  • Identify those that are illegally parked and coordinate towing services as needed.

Miscellaneous Services

  • Identify potential threats to the property.

  • Contact and liaise with first responders when their presence is needed on the property.

  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures with client and ensure team members adhere to them.

Additional Services that can be provided by Iron Shield Protection Group upon request:
• Private Investigation Services
• Surveillance Detection/Counter-Surveillance
• Comprehensive Threat Assessment Services

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