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What is Iron Shield's Philosophy?

Iron Shield prides themselves on being dependable and reliable in stressful situations. Most importantly, We have the highest expectations for training in the industry so when all else fails, Iron Shield doesn't.  

Where can I learn more about pricing for services?

Iron Shield custom builds security plans based on the needs of the client. For detailed pricing information, please reach out to us directly and we can guide you through our processes. 

How can Iron Shield assist in your event planning?

When Iron Shield is a part of your event, we take an active approach in your planning from start to finish. We feel it is critical to minimize threats or possible harmful situations. Most importantly, we want to be apart of your team's planning.

Why do we primarily hire former military or law enforcement?

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of training. Former miliary and law enforcement join the team with built in tactical and field experience and the ability to stay calm under pressure. They understand the strength of a team and bring that with them every day. 

How do I decide which service is right for me?

Read through our services tab for a general idea of everything we can provide. Then give us a call and we will custom build a plan that works best for you. If we can't provide the services, we will point you in the right direction.

Why choose Iron Shield?


Iron Shield is a high tier security company specializing in providing our clients with services unmatched anywhere else in the industry. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for each and every one of our clients. Our training standards exceed state and federal minimums. Our standard operating procedure leads with customer service first and foremost.

For more information, contact us here!

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