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Click on any of the following categories to learn about all of the services Iron Shield offers.

  • Hospital Protection and Security Services
    We specialize in providing advanced protection and security elements for Hospitals that augments into any existing security program in place. This is a significant benefit to our clients and substantially reduces the cost to employ our services without the need to replace the entire security program currently in place. We make this possible by the ability to add our advanced security element with 1 to 2 officers per hospital. The additional layer of security that we provide is accomplished with one of our officers assigned to the ED, one assigned in a patrol designation for the remainder of the hospital, and our officers work with the existing security team providing our response capabilities and training to mitigate threats and liability to the system. Our personnel are specifically trained to coordinate with and act as the official Law Enforcement Liaison to better the working relationship between the Hospital System and the local Law Enforcement entities. This improves response time, improves the trust between Law Enforcement and the Hospital, improves the security capabilities of the system, and improves the safety of the system, hospital employees as well as the patients. Our personnel are also highly trained and are there to respond to active threats, individuals displaying disruptive or unwanted behavior, patients displaying disruptive or unwanted behavior, and any other circumstance that would typically result in a call to Law Enforcement. This significantly reduces the timeframe these types of occurrences last due to our officers ability to intervene as opposed to having to wait for Law Enforcement to arrive. We are currently contracting with multiple hospital systems and our services and program have proven to be extremely valuable to our clients.
  • Hostile Workforce Termination (HPST) Protection and Security Services
    Employee terminations can be a high-tension event that can disrupt and cause concern that can negatively impact co-workers, senior-level management, and executive staff, and even disrupt workflow and safety for entire departments or locations. The employee may be experiencing mental health conditions, maybe a disgruntled employee that could have the potential for unwanted or violent behavior, and in the worst-case-scenarios could lead to an active threat situation against the organization. These situations are often largely underestimated which leaves the organization incredibly susceptible to a potential threat and the liability that would be incurred as a direct result. Our team has years of experience providing Hostile Workforce Termination services for organizations both small and large. We specialize in conducting these services discreetly to avoid escalating the individual involved; however, remaining in very close proximity to prevent any undesired activity or behavior as a result of the circumstance. We have conducted these services for timeframes ranging from the day of the event, as well as running longer operations (2-10 weeks if needed and requested from the client) to ensure the safety of the staff and the visitors/ clients. We are prepared to mobilize on short notice for these services anywhere in the State, with options for out of State work upon request.
  • Hospital & Healthcare Clinic Protection and Security Services
    Our teams specialize in patrol elements as well as protection and security post assignments for locations. This gives us the ability to provide our advanced protection and security elements with officers either posted at clinics to provide our services, or to provide a patrol service to patrol between multiple clinics. This option is beneficial to our clients by providing options they can choose between that fit their organizations budget needs. Clinics are commonly providing COVID-19 testing, COVID-19 Vaccinations, as well as dealing with patients and visitors with mental health issues, transients, etc. Violent behavior has become much more common, and clinics are distributing the most sought-vaccine in the world. Clinics are typically farther removed and more isolated from large Health Care systems which increases response times, and increases the risks for Health Care Clinics. The need for an effective advanced security element has never been higher.
  • Forest Land Patrol Services
    If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more details and information.
  • Natural Disaster Response/Protection and Security Services
    The Iron Shield Protection Group security teams are made up of prior Military and Law Enforcement personnel with years of experienced and advanced training. This makes our teams well equipped and trained to handle the chaos and uncertainty of natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Our teams are trained in land navigation, field medical care, search and rescue, advanced security tactics, anti riot/looting tactics, and we are prepared to mobilize on short notice.
  • Voter & Election Protection and Security Services
    If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more details and information.
  • Protest & Labor Strike Security Services
    Over the past year, protest activity has increased exponentially and has become a priority point of concern for many organizations globally. Our team has extensive experience providing security program assessments to counter damage caused by protestors and increase the ability for organizations to close without fear of extensive damage or remain open for business while maintaining the safety of the location and all staff/customers/clients. We also provide security staffing if desired, with officers that are specifically trained in de-escalation skills with the ability to intervene in active threat incidents while coordinating with local Law Enforcement. We can provide plain-clothed officers to avoid the escalation caused by individuals witnessing persons in uniform, or uniformed officers at the client’s request depending on the specific needs of the location and business. We are prepared to mobilize our team to provide these services on short notice anywhere in the State on short notice. Options are available for out of State services upon request, with notice.
  • Unarmed & Less Lethal Protection Services
    Our team is available to provide unarmed protection and security services, with the ability to have officers equipped with less-lethal defensive equipment per the client’s request. Our team is certified, equipped, and trained to provide coverage with Tasers, OC/Pepper Spray, Baton, etc. Iron Shield Protection Group owners have decades of experience as trainers and instructors for all listed less lethal equipment and are available to discuss your particular protection and security needs and make recommendations for location and event-correct equipment upon request. Our team is available to provide unarmed or less-lethal defensive-equipped protection and security services anywhere in Oregon with notice. Out-of-State coverage is available upon request with advanced notice.
  • Armed Protection Services (Uniformed & Plain-Clothed Concealed)
    Our team is certified and have extensive experience providing armed protection services for our clients in a wide array of environments and locations. We have to ability to provide an overt armed security presence, as well as the ability to provide plain-clothed and concealed armed protection services for more of a covert approach. This is often useful in situations where the client does not want to draw attention to increased protection and security protocols in an event that there is a perceived threat. Our team has a very high sense of situational awareness and a thorough and continuous training in order to provide these services safely and effectively. We are available to deploy to provide this service anywhere in Oregon with short notice. Services our of State are available with advanced notice.
  • CHL Services/Training
    If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more details and information.
  • Event Protection and Security Services
    Our team are highly experienced protection agents who can provide roaming protection, gate security, alcohol monitoring, cash room protection, concert safety including entry control, crowd control, front of stage and back of house management including executive protection for high profile artists and presenters. Every event is unique and we will work with event producers through a threat assessment and plan development to ensure a plan is in place to maintain safety on a regular event day as well as in emergency situations. We have the ability to provide services to event of any size with armed guards, unarmed guards or a combination of both as needed. In addition, our team is trained in bag checks, metal detectors and other methods of preventing prohibited items from entering an event. We also have certified alcohol monitors. As an added feature, many members or our team are military medic and can provide additional back up to your medic teams.
  • Alcohol Monitoring Services
    If you are serving alcohol at your event, contact Iron Shield about providing alcohol monitors to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment!
  • Camera/Alarm Monitoring & Response Services
    The Alarm Monitoring and Alarm Response division of Iron Shield is ran by highly trained individuals who have years of experience within the Security and Law Enforcement industries. Most other companies that provide Alarm Monitoring services do not have their own Alarm Response, which leaves the monitors calling Law Enforcement Dispatch any time that an alarm is triggered. We are currently experiencing a shortage of Law Enforcement across the nation, and in most cases Law Enforcement is too short staffed to respond to alarms, especially for incidents of property crimes. This leaves clients and their property vulnerable, even with an alarm system that is monitored. The Iron Shield Alarm Division includes Alarm Response, and our Response Officers are prior Military and prior Law Enforcement. Our officers are trained to our standards and are prepared to take action to protect persons and property. Our Response officers utilize unmarked Tahoe’s and Police Interceptors with professional lighting systems, which significantly increases the visual deterrent that our presence provides. We provide 24 hour per day Alarm Monitoring, or custom tailored Alarm Monitoring for our clients. Iron Shield also provides Patrol Services, Armed/Unarmed Posted Security Services, Hospital Security Services, Private Investigative Services, and anything else our clientele need.
  • Residential and/or Construction Protection and Security Team Services
    We are available to set up a Residential Protection and Security Team for any client, we also custom tailor our services based on the needs of the client. Our Residential Protection and Security Teams (RPST’s) are available on short notice, as well as for short term (typically based on a specific threat to a client or a threat to a clients family), or for long term placement (typically for High Net Worth or Ultra High Net Worth Clients). Our services range from RPST coverage for client’s families while clients are out of town, to full comprehensive programs providing coverage around the clock 24/7. Any RPST request from our organization will include a full threat assessment of the premises by the company owners working in collaboration with the client (or the clients proprietary security team lead). This will include site vulnerability, current security program vulnerabilities and existing gaps, security system update recommendations, security staffing assessment and recommendations for improvements, and surveillance detection/recommended counter-surveillance measures. The Iron Shield owners are also available to conduct Bug Sweep Services in any location utilizing equipment that is un-matched by any other organization in the Law Enforcement or private sector. Our company strives for excellence, this is not just what we do; this is who we are.
  • Loss Prevention Services
    Loss prevention aims to preserve a business's profits by reducing losses due to theft, fraud or operational errors. Loss prevention is widely used in the retail sector to address problems such as shoplifting and employee theft, but it's also applied in other industries that frequently experience theft and fraud.
  • Private Investigation Services
    Iron Shield owners are licensed, bonded and insured Private Investigators with decades of investigative experience assisting Law Enforcement, hospital systems, corporations, and private clients. We provide private investigations (criminal or civil) for theft, burglary, embezzlement, insurance fraud, accident investigations, investigations for child custody issues, elderly abuse, medical malpractice, witness location, vehicle crashes, harassment/ abuse allegations, cheating spouse/ partner, missing persons, surveillance detection/ counter-surveillance, threats against individuals/ companies, assisting financial organizations with finding vehicles for repossession, finding next of kin, background reports, skip-tracing, unexplained wealth investigations, and any other private investigative need you may have. We are prepared to mobilize on short notice upon request. With Iron Shield, discretion and confidentiality are a guarantee.
  • RF Bug Sweeping Services
    The Iron Shield owners are available to conduct RF Bug Sweep Services for any client. RF Bugs are devices that are strategically placed to be able to “eaves-drop” on conversations in both private and corporate settings. There are many circumstances where RF Bugs are utilized and can be detrimental to company or corporate operations. At Iron Shield we utilize the latest and most advanced RF Bug Detectors, and have the ability to detect VHF, UHF, Mobile (3G, 4G, 5G), and GSM devices. Clients often contact us for RF Bug Sweep Services for conference rooms and business meeting areas, hotel rooms utilized for business travel and business meetings, air BNB sweeps, house sweeps, vehicle sweeps, etc. We are available to conduct any RF sweeps that may be requested on short notice. Contact us for any additional information.
  • Background checks
    If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more details and information.
  • Passport Photo & Fingerprint Services
    If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more details and information.
  • Explosive Detection K9 Services
    Iron Shield K9’s are trained by industry experts that have decades of experience training Law Enforcement K-9’s for City, County, State, and Federal Law Enforcement. There are a limited number of Explosives Detection K9’s on the West Coast and Mid-West, especially in the private sector. Private entities that are in need of explosives sweeps are typically restricted to hiring Law Enforcement due to the lack of private sector K-9 services, and Law Enforcement typically charges officers overtime rates which gets extremely costly for companies. It is becoming more and more common for large-scale events, concerts, conventions, etc. to utilize K9’s for explosives sweeps. The Iron Shield K-9 team provides these services at an affordable rate for our clients.
  • Executive Protection Services
    Our team has extensive experience providing Executive Protection services and Advance Work for clients in a wide array of environments and locations. We can provide Advance Work (route reconnaissance, surveillance/ counter-surveillance, travel planning, threat assessments for any site visited by the client, reconnaissance/ security assessment for any place of stay for the client during travel, etc.) in any location upon request. We have extensive experience coordinating with local government entities, local and State Law Enforcement, large-scale venues, and private airports/ FBO for the clients convenience and safety. Our team is prepared to mobilize with short notice, anywhere in the State. Options for out of State Executive Protection services are available upon request with notice. Our team is prepared to set up residential protection and security teams (RPST) upon request, with notice as well.
  • Film industry Security Consulting/Advisor Services
    Iron Shield owners have decades of military, private sector and firearms instruction experience. The film industry often utilizes advisors to ensure that correct tactics and weapons manipulation makes it into the film. There are many instances where critical mistakes are made, and it drives veterans and industry professionals crazy to see these in their favorite films. Iron Shield is incredibly diligent and prides in attention to detail.
  • Quick Reaction Force (QRF) Security Services
    Our team provides QRF services for multiple client organizations. This service has been beneficial for clients who already have a security program in place, and still need an advanced security element in emergent situations or circumstances with the high probability of an unwanted event. Examples of this are hostile workforce terminations, prior employees stalking, harassing or threatening current staff or management, prior clients or customers stalking, harassing or threatening current staff or management, etc. We can also provide surveillance detection/ counter surveillance upon the clients request. We are available to provide QRF services anywhere in the State of Oregon upon request with notice. Out of State services are available upon request with advanced notice.
  • Process Serving Services
    If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more details and information.
  • Witness Protection Services
    If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more details and information.
  • Prisoner Transport Services
    If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more details and information.
  • Maritime Security Services
    Iron Shield company owners have years of experience working Maritime security in all aspects from Embarked Security Teams (EST), to RHIB/Fast Boat Operations. With our combined experience, we are prepared to offer support for any Maritime security needs to include security assessments, current Maritime Security Program review/assessment, RHIB operations (if applicable), current equipment assessment, upon request with advanced notice.
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