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Iron Shield provides the highest caliber security services available for private clientele and government entities in the Pacific Northwest. We accomplish this by only hiring prior Military and prior Law Enforcement, allowing us to bring decades of experience to our clients.

Iron Shield is able to operate State-wide in the State of Oregon, as well as the ability to operate outside the State upon request and advanced notice. We have a diverse team with the ability to select individuals with the background and experience best suited to any client need based on the services requested.




Logan Nichols, Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Logan was a Fastboat Operator in a Maritime Unit with the US Navy. After getting out of the service he worked in the private sector and contracted with Federal Law Enforcement entities. After Finishing college he deployed overseas as a private contractor. Upon returning he established Iron Shield in 2016. He has been an instructor with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) for the Unarmed Security Program, he is a Firearms instructor with the DPSST Armed Program, he is an ASP Instructor, OC Instructor and Taser Instructor. Logan has been training private sector and Law Enforcement for years. Logan Partnered with Jason Smith (Co-owner of Iron Shield), and have focused on operational security services. Logan is also a licensed Private Investigator through DPSST, with many years of investigative experience.


Jason Smith, Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Jason has over 2 decades of career experience and training conducting Security Services, Executive Protection Services, and Fugitive Recovery Services. Jason is highly trained in Surveillance/ Surveillance Detection/ and Counter-Surveillance. Jason is also a highly experienced Investigator and has always taken pride in the work he does. Jason is an ASP Instructor, Tactical Weapons Instructor, Licensed Private Investigator, holds an Armed/ Unarmed Security Certification, Taser Instructor, and is very knowledgeable on the laws, rules and regulations surrounding our industry. Jason is highly regarded amongst high-profile clients he has protected in the music and film industry. He has dedicated his professional career focusing on providing the best services for any client he works for.


Rachel Bivens, Chief Operating Officer

Rachel brings with her over 20 years of business, facility, and event management experience. Within that, she focused on marketing, business growth, operational efficiencies, logistics, procurement, partnership development, procurement and contracting. Prior to joining the Iron Shield team, Rachel was a client of Iron Shield’s hiring us year after year to oversee the security at one of the larges Fairs in the state.


Denny Cortez, Executive Business Manager

Denny joins us with 20+ years in the Army. He has just been promoted to Lieutenant. In addition, Denny has been a valued member of our Protection Team for several years. His knowledge and experience with many of our clients and operations is extensive! We are proud to have him on our Management team!

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