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Hello Jason and Logan,

I want to give a shout out of recognition to Billy, Aaron, Kevin, and Justin. This week has been exceptionally busy and challenging, and having them here with their phenomenal skills has been priceless. We all appreciate them immensely, but I think the charge nurses especially value these particular officers who exhibit a talent for working with our patient population. It is a huge relief to know that our staff are safe while having them around!

Thanks much,

PeaceHealth Manager, August 2021

Having worked in events for over 10 years, I've interacted with multiple security companies handling a variety of different areas. After working with Iron Shield directly during my time at the Lane County Fair, they would be my first choice when recommending a security team to help ensure a safe and positive environment. WIthin our event, we unfortunately dealt with a handful of distressing situations. During those instances, Iron Shield acted promptly and professionally. More importantly, they provided comfort and made myself and my team feel safe. They provided a backbone to our event to ensure not only the safety of our staff, but also a safe environment for everyone that attended. Jason and Logan spent many hours with us crafting a detailed plan specifically for our event. We were easily able to pivot and adjust when needed. Despite being security focused, Jason and Logan are excellent at adapting their communication style depending on who they are speaking with and never fail to represent an event with the utmost respect and dignity.

Marketing Specialist, Lane County Fair, July 2022

This company has been an integral part of our security team at Peace Health since 2019. They have helped give our caregivers a better sense of security and make our workplace safer. They have helped upgrade our security infrastructure with camera system recommendations and overseeing the installation of upgrades, implementation of a tiered security response, and roll out of mock code drills to help integrate frontline caregiver and security response. Iron Shield conducts investigations with thoroughness, interviewing witnesses and reviewing camera footage when available while using discretion to maintain protected health information.

Peacehealth Manager, September 2021

If you have worked with Iron Shield and would like to share your experience, please email We'd love to hear from you!

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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